D Rhythm Soul Dance Experience is the performing face of DRSD. Primarily a traveling performing group, the dancers of DRSD are Calgary’s most diverse group of performers. Our dancers come from a wide variety of cultural and dance backgrounds. We have dancers who have originated from all over the globe and have come together under the artistic vision of De-Ann Weekes to provide a unique and emotional dance performance never seen before.

“D Rhythm Soul Dance Experience (formerly known as Elektra founded in Calgary, Canada 2004) has performed throughout Canada, bringing the Afro Cuban and Afro Caribbean culture to classic and contemporary dance styles. DRSD is the only dance company of its kind in all of Alberta. Bringing its principle of “Everything has rhythm, Everything dances” the company attracts dancers of all backgrounds, ages, dance or athletic ability. DRSD takes on the sentiment of inclusivity and team work and has created lifelong friendships. One of the joys of DRSD is watching regular human beings become beautiful, artistic, strong dancers.” Bio for Miss Teen Caribbean 2018 in St. Kitts

DRSD is seeking new performance group dancers who are dedicated, passionate, and believe in community. Being a performance group dancer requires commitment; we train 6-8 hours a week, have performances, media events, fundraisers, and team building events. Being a performance group dancer brings an opportunity to take your training to a new level, perform at a variety of events, and a new community in which to belong.