One of the benefits of us all coming from different backgrounds, is we all bring different skills to the operations team, on and off the dance floor. While we collaborate and all share the load, here is a quick insight into our operations team…

De-Ann Weekes

Artistic Director and Founder

 Born in the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad.  De-Ann uses her Afro Caribbean culture to encourage young men and women to believe in themselves. Her vision for D Rhythm Soul Dance Experience is to capture hearts through the creative and interpretive use of Creole dance styles mixed with classic dance techniques. Her work can only be measured by the volumes spoken of her by others.

Teneika Dennie

Office Manager and Co-Founder, Company Dancer

With a background in office management from FedEx and PhotoMoji, Teneika is excited to able to contribute and grow her skills with a company she truly believes in.  Check out her new Twerk-It Class!

Alison Lambert

Business Consultant, Travel Coordinator, Principle Dancer

An entrepreneur since 16 and avid world traveller, Alison came on board to help coordinate travel to St Kitts in 2018. Since then she has been mentoring Teneika in regards to accounting, operations management, systems management. She also works closely with De-Ann and Teneika to consult on the DRSD vision, goals, and pathways to achieve them. 

Seigred Trumpet-Cortez

Assistant Choreographer and Photographer, Principle Dancer

Dancing has always been in Seigred’s life, how can it not when you are raised in St Vincent? Through all of her art forms, Seigred shares a story, expresses relatable emotions, and inspires others. 

Norah Wardell

Costume Design and Production, Company Dancer

Currently a Graduate Student in Conflict Studies, Norah is full of potential and hungry to contribute to the world. With an eye for design, DRSD is so grateful for all the hours spent glueing and sewing! 

Janira Mancayo 

Instagram and Social Media Director, Company Dancer

As a BFA student in Media Arts at ACAD from Ecuador, Janira has the technical skills and understanding to help us portray what the DRSD Experience truly is. From photography, to videos, to concepts and designs, credit is usually due to Janira.